RES 429 Week 2 Assignment, Property Analysis


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RES 429 Week 2 Assignment

The Betty Apartments need to be affordable to be competitive.  In the Rogers City area, the prices for rental houses are not much higher than the going rate for apartments.  Rental prices will have to be low enough to be ……a better deal than renting a whole house in the same area.  A convenient, but quality location is a huge strong point for Betty Apartments.  The property is located in a strictly residential area as opposed to other rental units available, which are close to a less desirable industrial section of Rogers City.  State of the art appliances in newly remodeled apartments are another competitive strong point for the Betty Apartments.  Since many other apartments/rental homes are available in Rogers City. So quality is going to have to remain present in order out compete the other options available to renters……….Continued (06 Pages with References)res 429 week 2