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PSYC 3004 Week 3 Quiz Psychological Disorders

  1. Which would a combat veteran receiving the best treatment for a stress disorder NOT be likely to experience?
  2. The effects of taking hallucinogens accompanied by feelings that objects are changing size. Another people are distorted, and that one might be mechanical is MOST similar to
  3. According to the DSM-5, all of the following are considered symptoms of a manic episode EXCEPT
  4. Pairing the thought of feared objects and relaxation training is an aspect of
  5. The mood and thoughts of suicidal people are MOST often characterized as
  6. “Who wouldn’t be afraid all the time? We have the bomb, overpopulation, AIDS, and violent crime everywhere. Because It is difficult to get a good job unless you understand all that complicated computer junk.” This complaint is consistent with a explanation of generalized anxiety disorder.
  7. Behaviorists believe that compulsive behavior
  8. Benzodiazepines are believed to be effective in treating generalized anxiety disorder. Because they mimic the effect of at certain receptor sites in the brain.
  9. What do acute and post-traumatic stress disorder have in common with dissociative disorders?
  10. A state of breathless euphoria, or frenzied energy, in which individuals have an exaggerated belief in their power describes
  11. Exposure and response prevention as treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder
  12. Investigators have shown that traumatic events are related to abnormal activity of the neurotransmitter
  13. Although initially thought to be due to an excessive amount of a particular neurotransmitter, So, mania has been found to be due to low levels of which neurotransmitter?
  14. Which theoretical orientation would support the finding that there is a significant relationship between positive.
  15. So, life events and feelings of life satisfaction and happiness?
  16. Another response to a threat, we perspire, breathe more quickly, get goose bumps, and feel nauseated. These responses are controlled by the nervous system.
  17. Little Karen was bitten by a tan pony she was riding at a carnival. The experience left her hurt and frightened. The next month she was visiting her uncle. Who had a tan Great Dane (dog). It frightened her even though she had never had a bad experience with a dog. Karen’s fear of this dog is an example of. (PSYC 3004 week 3)
  18. If a biochemical imbalance were the cause of a person’s depression. So in the latest research would lead us to expect to find that person to have
  19. Another, Fear differs from anxiety in that
  20. So, this behavior has been added to the list of behaviors that may contribute to subintentional deaths:
  21. Because people MOST likely to develop stress disorders are.
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