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PSYC 3004 Week 2 Quiz – Psychological Disorders

  1. A cluster of symptoms that go together and define a mental disorder is called a
  2. Studies of diagnostic conclusions made by clinicians show that
  3. So the customer is hooked up to an apparatus that measures galvanic skin response and blood pressure. So, which of the client verbally answers a series of questions. This is a(n)
  4. A person says, “I’m not going to the counseling center; my friends will think I’m mentally ill!” This person’s attitude is
  5. A(n) inventory asks about one’s level of anxiety, depression, or anger.
  6. One limitation of the clinical interview as an assessment tool is that
  7. The assessment instrument MOST likely to be used to detect subtle brain abnormalities is the
  8. Projective tests for personality assessment are designed to
  9. Clients check o” either “Applies” or “Does Not Apply” to a series of 200 items dealing with what they do and what they think in a variety of situations. The kind of test they are taking MOST likely is a
  10. If a clinician wanted to know more detailed information about a person’s functioning in a specific area, the clinician would use
  11. A clinician having knowledge that a person about to be interviewed has already been diagnosed as having an anxiety disorder could lead to
  12. The process of evaluating a person’s progress after being in treatment is called a
  13. Symptoms such as sadness, loss of appetite, and low energy cluster together to form a(n) (PSYC 3004 week 2)
  14. If a clinician is particularly interested in a client’s family background and community influences, MOST likely that clinician’s orientation is
  15. Use of projective tests has decreased in the past few decades because projective tests often have
  16. Another term for developing common standards, or norms, for an assessment tool is
  17. The movement that has tried to find the common factors and strategies that “good” therapists use is called
  18. Mark’s mother is su”ering from depression and needs therapy. Mark tells her, “All therapies are pretty much the same.” Mark is demonstrating which of the following?
  19. Which di”erentiates the DSM-5 from earlier versions of the DSM?
  20. Compared to projective tests, personality inventories generally have.
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