PSYC 2001 Week 2 Test – Cross Cultural Psychology (Fall 2022)


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PSYC2001 Test – Week 2

  1. Which of the following groups have the greatest chance of having similar IQ scores: identical twins raised apart or two biologically unrelated individuals raised together?
  2. Studies of color preferences showed that women across countries tend to choose and like
  3. Studies reveal that children perform better on tasks that require mathematical reasoning.
  4. Which term stands for a broad range of phenomena concerning “non-material” matters related to faith, trust, and hope, in contrast to “material” matters related to ownership, accumulation of possessions, and competition?
  5. In the United States, early attempts to measure IQ began more than 100 years ago. These studies were primarily examined.
  6. What is the general name for phenomena that are different than normal waking consciousness and include mystic experiences, meditation, hypnosis, trance, or possession?
  7. refers to the tendency of the sensory system to respond less to stimuli that continue without change.
  8. Under the influence of the Protestant (Christian) tradition, developed first in Western Europe, altered states of consciousness were considered.
  9. There is evidence that scanning patterns (scanning a text, for example) are subject to cultural variations. These variations are most closely linked with.
  10. What term refers to the individual way in which individuals organize and comprehend the world?