PSY 520 Topic 4 Exercise, Chapter 9, 10, 11 and 12 Answers


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PSY 520 Topic 4 Exercise Chapter 9, 10, 11, 12

9.7: Define the sampling distribution of the mean psy 520 topic 4 exercise.

9.8: Specify three important properties of the sampling distribution of the mean

9.9: If we took a random sample of 35 subjects from some population. The associated sampling distribution of the mean would have the following properties.

9.13: Given a sample size of 36, how large does the population standard deviation have to be in order for the standard error to be

9.14: (a) Random sample of size 144 is taken from local population of grade-school children. Each child estimates the number of hours per week spent watching TV.

chapter 10

10.9: The normal range for a widely accepted measure of body size, the body mass index (BMI), ranges from 18.5 to 25. Using the mid-range BMI score of 21.75 as the null hypothesized value for the population mean.

Test this hypothesis at the .01 level of significance. Given a random sample of 30 weight-watcher participants who show a mean BMI 5 22.2 and a standard deviation of 3.1.

10.10: Let’s assume that over the years, a paper and pencil test of anxiety yields a mean score of 35 for all incoming college freshmen. We wish to deter-mine whether the scores of a random sample of 20 new freshmen…. Test at the .05 level of significance.

10.11: According to the California Educational Code, students in grades 7–12 should receive 400 minutes of physical education every 10 school days. A random sample of 48 students has a mean of 385 minutes and a standard deviation of 53 minutes. Test the hypothesis at the .05 level of significance that the sampled population satisfies the requirement. psy 520 topic 4 exercise

10.12: According to a 2009 survey based on the United States Census. The daily one-way commute time of U.S. workers averages 25 minutes with a standard deviation of 13 minutes. An investigator wishes to determine whether the national average describes the mean commute time for all workers in the Chicago area… Test the null hypothesis at the .05 level of significance.

chapter 11

11.11: Two reasons why research hypothesis is not tested directly……that there is strong support for the research hypothesis.  Decision to retain the null hypothesis is …weak support for the null hypothesis.

11.19: How should a projected hypothesis test be modified if you’re particularly concerned about

11.20: Consult the power curves in Figure 11.7. Estimate the approximate detection rate, rounded to the nearest tenth, for each of the following situations. psy 520 topic 4 exercise

chapter 12

12.7: Question 10.5 on page 231, it was concluded that … population of female members of the American Psychological Association. Is less than that ($82,500) for all comparable members who have a doctorate and teach full time.

12.8: In Review Question 11.12 on page 263, instead of testing a hypothesis. You might prefer to construct a confidence interval for the mean weight of all 2-pound boxes …recent production shift.

12.10: Imagine that one of the following 95 percent confidence intervals estimates the effect of vitamin C on IQ scores.

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