NR 630 Week 6 Assignment, Break Even Analysis Case Study


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NR 630 Week 6 Assignment, Break Even Analysis Case Study

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to: To provide learners with the opportunity to develop break-even-analysis skills

Course Outcomes: Through this assignment, the student will demonstrate the ability to: (CO#8) Delineate effective resource management and fiscal responsibilities of the nurse executive. (PO 8)

Requirements: Answer the questions and complete the calculations required for the assignment. Submit your answers on a Word document, with the heading of Week 6 Assignment. For the questions requiring a written response, please adhere to proper grammar and syntax, and provide references. For the questions requiring calculations, show all your work and follow the format that has been provided for the calculations in the lesson for Week 6. P REPARING THE PAPER Break-Even Analysis Case Study You and several of your colleagues business partners have decided to establish an outpatient fertility clinic in your service area.

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