NR 630 Executive Practicum, Assignment


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NR 630 Week 1 Self- Assessment of Professional Competencies

NR 630 Week 1, 4, and 7 Learning Agreement

NR630 Week 4 Assignment, FTE/Variance Calculations

NR 630 Week 5 Assignment, Capstone Preview – Bullying

NR-630 Week 6 Assignment, Break-even Analysis

NR630 Week 7 Assignment, Management Activity Project

NR630 Assignment, Initiation of Capstone Project- Staffing Shortages

NR 630 Assignment, Initiation of Capstone Project – Cardiac Wellness Program

NR-630 Assignment, Project Management Paper, The Rise of Patient Sitters

NR630 Budgeting and Cost Management

NR 630 Budget and Variance Calculations

nr 630 entire course