NR 553 Week 4 Discussion Questions with Answers


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NR 553 Week 4 Discussion, Disaster Preparedness and Response
Explore an organization involved in providing disaster preparedness and response (local, national, or international). Briefly present the organization and describe the role of nurses in fulfilling the objectives of the organization in case of emergency. Propose another opportunity for nursing to become actively involved with this organization in providing disaster preparedness or response.

NR 553 Week 4 Discussion, Outbreak Disease-Australian Listeria
Global Alert and Response (GAR). Review a disease outbreak posted this year that includes information on how the disease was contracted and recommendations for control and/or prevention. Provide an overview of the disease alert. Was this information … available to healthcare professionals and the general public? Where else could healthcare professionals and the general public gain information on disease outbreaks?nr 553 week 4