NR 553 Discussion Question with Answers Week 1 to 8


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NR 553 Week 1 Discussion, Commission on Social Determinants of Health
NR553 Week 1 Discussion, Global Health Challenges

NR553 Week 2 Discussion, Epidemiologic Transition
NR_553 Week 2 Discussion, Burden of Disease

NR553 Week 3 Discussion, Ethical Principles in Global Research
NR_553 Week 3 Discussion, Inequality, Power, and Privilege

NR553 Week 4 Discussion, Disaster Preparedness and Response
NR_553 Week 4 Discussion, Outbreak Disease-Australian Listeria

NR 553 Week 5 Discussion, Cultural Norms and Healthcare Issues
NR553 Week 5 Discussion,  Nursing and Population Health

NR 553 Week 6 Discussion, Nursing and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
NR553 Week 6 Discussion, Nursing and Primary Care for All

NR_553 Week 7 Discussion, Technology Transfer
NR553 Week 7 Discussion, Promoting Health in Global Communities

NR553 Week 8 Discussion, Reflection of Global Health Concepts

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