NR 509 Week 7 Quiz Questions and Answers


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NR 509 Week 7 Quiz – Question and Answers

  1. During an examination of an aging male the FNP recognizes that normal changes to expect would be:
  2. During a health history, a 22-year-old woman asks “can I get that vaccine for HPV? I have gentle warts and I’d like them to go away!” What is the FNP‘s best response?
  3. During a speculum inspection of the vagina the FNP would expect to see what at the end of the vaginal canal?
  4. A 62-year-old man is experiencing fever, chills, malaise, urinary frequency and urgency. He also reports urethral discharge and a dull aching pain in the perineal and rectal area. The symptoms are most consistent with which of the following?
  5. When performing a genital examination on a 25-year-old man the FNP notices deeply pigmented, wrinkled scrotal skin with large sebaceous follicles. On the basis of this information the FNP would:
  6. The mother of a 10-year-old boy asks the FNP to discuss the recognition of puberty. The FNP should reply by saying:
  7. The uterus is usually positioned tilting forward and superior to the bladder. This position is known as
  8. A male patient with possible fertility problems asks the FNP where sperm is produced. The FNP knows that sperm production occurs in
  9. A 15-year-old boy is seen in the clinic for complaints of dull pain and pulling in the scrotal area. On examination the FNP palpates a soft, irregular mass posterior to and above the testes on the left. This mass collapses when the patient is supine in refills when he is up right. This description is consistent with:
  10. In performing an assessment of a woman’s axillary lymph system the FNP should assess which of these nodes?
  11. A patient contacts the office and tells the FNP that she is … about her 10-year-old daughter having breast cancer. She describes a unilateral enlargement of the right breast with associated tenderness. She is … because the left breast is not enlarged. What would be the FNP‘s best response?
  12. An 11-year-old girl is in the clinic for a sports physical. The FNP notices that she has begun to develop breasts, and during the conversation the girl reveals that she is worried about her development. … use which of these techniques to best assist the young girl in understanding the expected sequence for development? The FNP should:
  13. A 54-year-old woman who has just completed menopause is in the clinic today for yearly physical examination. Which of these statements should the FNP include in patient education? A post menopausal woman:
  14. A 62-year-old man states that his doctor told him that he has an inguinal hernia. He asks the FNP to explain what a hernia is….. :
  15. When performing a genital assessment on a middle-age man, the FNP notices multiple soft, moist, painless papules in the shape of cauliflower like patches scattered across the shaft of the penis. These lesions are characteristics of:
  16. If a patient reports a recent breast infection, then the FNP should expect to find_____node enlargement
  17. A 9-year-old girl is in the clinic for a sports physical. After some initial shyness she finally ….“am I normal? I don’t seem to need a bra yet, but I have some friends who do. What if I never get breasts?” The FNP‘s best response would be:
  18. Which of these statements about the testes this true?
  19. During an examination FNP observes a female patients vestibule and expect to see the
  20. A 14-year-old girl is anxious about not having reached menarche. When taking history, the FNP should ascertain which of the following? The age:
  21. A woman who is 22 weeks pregnant has a vaginal infection. She tells the FNP that she is afraid that the infection will hurt the fetus. The FNP knows that which of these statements is true?
  22. In performing a breast examination the FNP knows that it is especially important to examine the upper outer quadrant of the breast. The reason for this is that the upper outer quadrant
  23. An accessory glandular structure for the male genital organs is the
  24.  …. true regarding the penis?
  25. __ 8 weeks pregnant is in the clinic for a check up. The FNP reads on her chart that her cervix is … and looks cyanotic. The FNP knows that the woman is exhibiting____sign and _____sign