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NR 439 Week 6 Assignment: Receiving  the diagnosis of cancer can be extremely devastating to people. Nearly 1,735,350 people will receive the diagnosis of cancer in this country; of these people, 609,640 people will die as the result of the cancer (National Cancer Institute, 2018). As they undergo cancer treatments, cancer patients experience a wide range of emotions such as anger, depression, fear, sadness, and dejectedness. 

These emotions can lead to further deterioration of these patients. Most of these patients will spend an immense amount of time in the hospital to receive treatments and care. Nurses provide the bulk of the care for these patients. This care involves the care for the whole patient– mind, body, soul, and emotions. One of the founders of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale, wrote that a person’s surroundings has a vital impact on physical health, recovery, and mental health (Hanson, Schroeter, Hanson, Asmus, & Grossman, 2013)…………………..(13 Pages with References)

nr 439 week 6 assignmentnr 439 week 6 assignment