MKT 500 Assignment 3, Branding, Pricing and Distribution


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MKT 500 Assignment 3, Branding, Pricing, and Distribution

Juvinatar will use indirect channels of distribution, as the company manufactures the product in China. Goji Boost will sell its product to distributors who will then distribute to individual retailers throughout Canada to deliver the finished product to consumers nationwide. In order to achieve target market coverage in the primary launch of Goji Boost, Juvinatar will utilize intensive distribution and intermediaries in order to successfully position itself as a convenience good. Goji Boost will be displayed on the shelves of convenience and grocery stores, and Juvinatar will target retail locations in Canada’s most populous areas and in close proximity to large universities, such as Montreal, Toronto, Ottowa, Vancouver, and Halifax. Additionally, the product will available in 24 hour stores, such as Macs, in order to increase availability. Retailers…………