MGT 3620 Final Exam- Organizational Behavior with Answers



MGT 3620 Final Exam – Organizational Behavior

  1. Briefly list the essential components required for the effective practice of leadership in today’s world.
  2. Briefly identify the range of leadership styles utilized in the Vroom–Jago time-driven leadership model and specify the dimensions on which these leadership styles vary.
  3. Describe the features of charismatic leadership.
  4. Discuss the attributes of authentic leadership.
  5. Describe the basic nature of the transformational leadership model.
  6. Describe the most common types of teams used in organizations today, and specify which type has the greatest impact on both productivity and quality
  7. Briefly explain the nominal group technique (NGT).
  8.  Identify and briefly explain the three primary factors that influence organization design decisions.
  9. Describe two contemporary organization designs: multinational and network.
  10. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the network organization design.
  11. Define organizational culture and list its components. mgt 3620 final exam
  12. Briefly describe how to create an organizational culture that encourages ethical behavior.
  13. Explain what is meant by pressures for change on organizations, and give an example of several such pressures.
  14. What is organizational diagnosis and what factors are important to accurately diagnose before change?
  15. Identify the reasons for individual and organizational resistance to change and describe methods for overcoming it.mgt 3620 final exam