JUS 630 Week 2 Assignment, The United Nations, Discussion


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JUS 630 Week 2 Topic 2 Assignment, The United Nations

Select an instance in which the United Nations .in either a civil war or a dispute between two nations. In an essay of 1,000-1,250 words, outline the historical facts of the case. The circumstances that led to UN intervention, the process by which it was undertaken. Any disagreements among UN member-states, and the eventual outcome. Use the GCU e-Library to locate four to six peer-reviewed sources in support of your content. Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not ……This assignment uses a grading rubric. Instructors will be using the rubric to grade the assignment…….

JUS 630 Week 2 Topic 2 Discussion 1Of the many areas in which the United Nations serves, such as health, child abuse, science, environment, or domestic violence, which area would you say is the most valuable to advancing global society, and why?

JUS 630 Week 2 Topic 2 Discussion 2Read the preamble to the UN Charter, then identify any similarities or differences with the preamble of the U.S. Constitution.jus 630 week 2