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JUS 630 Discussion 1 Topic 1Which of the legal systems examined in this module do you believe to be the most effective? Is it accurate to think in terms of “most effective,” or is each legal system ….to the country in which it …..?

JUS 630 Discussion 2 Topic 1: What distinctions can be drawn between a legal system and a political system?

JUS 630 Discussion 1 Topic 2: Of the many areas in which the United Nations serves. Such as health, child abuse, science, environment, or domestic violence. Which area would you say is the most valuable to advancing global society, and why?

JUS630 Topic 2 Discussion 2Read the preamble to the UN Charter, then identify any similarities or differences with the preamble of the U.S. Constitution.

JUS 630 Topic 3 Discussion 1What type of case would be best suited to be heard before an arbitration panel versus being brought before the International Court of Justice?

JUS630 Topic 3 Discussion 2: Mediation as a tool for resolving disputes is becoming more acceptable when settling international disputes. What are the benefits to mediation versus arbitration or litigation?

JUS 630 Topic 4 Discussion 1Explain the effect international law has on global society. How does this differ from treaties?

JUS630 Topic 4 Discussion 2: Read Tirone’s coverage of the North Korean attack on South Korea in March 2010. What tensions can you identify that prevent nation-states from entering into the nuclear nonproliferation treaty?

JUS 630 Topic 5 Discussion 1List the elements necessary to being a sovereign nation-state. Which one seems to be the most contentious and why?

JUS630 Topic 5 Discussion 2: Why might a government leader, politician, or special interest group invoke sovereignty?

JUS 630 Topic 6 Discussion 1The United Nations has authority to set up tribunals to address criminal offenders in global society. Therefore, do we really need an International Criminal Court?

JUS630 Topic 6 Discussion 2: Provide your perspective on why the United States has not ratified the Rome Statute and is not a member of the International Criminal Court.

JUS 630 Topic 7 Discussion 1If you were to join an international peace mission, which would you select and why?

JUS630 Topic 7 Discussion 2: “International War Crimes Tribunals”. Provides a comparison between a war crime tribunal and a basic tribunal. In your own words, what are the benefits or drawbacks of the two?

JUS 630 Topic 8 Discussion 1Which of the four core functions of INTERPOL do you believe to be the most important and why?

JUS630 Topic 8 Discussion 2: If you could offer any suggestions for improvement. What might you recommend to enhance INTERPOL’s objectives and effectiveness?jus 630 discussion question