HSM 421 Week 3 Assignment, Discussion Question, Quiz


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HSM 421 Week 3 Assignment, Comparing Homeland Security Research Products

Based on the two reports, the first article (NYPD’s report on “Radicalization in the West: The Home Grown Threat”) provides a stronger stipulation therefore is the best analysis to use. Although both reports used qualitative research methodology to gather its data. The information collected is more significant as NYPD had analyst in different geographic locations to examine the Intel …… Which demonstrates a clearer understanding of the radicalization phase in the United States and the causes that trigger these motions. While there were no weaknesses in the first report, the second report discusses more on gun control. and how it has impacted society by using acts of terrorism to justify its meaning, but in reality there is no justification for terrorism…………Continued (06 Pages with References)

HSM421 Week 3 Discussion 1, Evaluating Surveys

Surveys are common and often are effective techniques for conducting homeland security research because practitioners within the homeland security architecture are often spread over great distances. Go to the Ashford Online Library and identify a survey used in a homeland security-related article. Post an APA citation for the article you discovered that utilizes a survey to illuminate opinions or research on homeland security. Describe how the survey was designed, how the questions were constructed, and how the results were tabulated. Then state, in your opinion, if there are any biases in the survey’s questions or collection methods. Support your reasoning with appropriate resources. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posting

HSM 421 Week 3 Discussion 2, Visualizing Data

Oftentimes, the way data is ……is more influential than the research itself. To demonstrate and evaluate this theory, you will watch a visualization of data. Visit and watch the presentations by Dr. Hans Rosling entitled Hans Rosling shows the best stats you’ve ever seen. Hans Rosling describes how international data trends on health can affect the security of nations. Identify at least two types of charts and tables that Dr. Hans Rosling uses to illustrate his data, and answer the following questions: 

a. Do Dr. Rosling’s research findings become more or less clear with the use of his visualization techniques? 

b. What are some potential weaknesses you find with using Dr. Rosling’s visualization techniques?

HSM 421 Week 3 Quiz (10 Questions and Answers)hsm 421 week 3