HSM 421 Week 1 Discussion Question and Quiz


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HSM 421 Week 1 Discussion 1, Hypothesis in Homeland Security

Choose one of the hypotheses identified in this homeland security document between pages 35 and 141. Read the 3-4 page discussion of this hypothesis and then identify which hypothesis you selected.

Explain if you believe the hypothesis you selected is a) declarative b) directional in relationship and c) specific (as described on pages 29-31 in the course text).

Conclude by assessing whether or not you believe this is a good hypothesis for research.

HSM 421 Week 1 Discussion 2, Literature Review

Explain the literature review technique used by the researchers for this article on national health security.

Identify at least two techniques found in your text that are also used in this literature survey. Do you think this literature review was successful in achieving its goal? Support your reasoning with appropriate resources. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

HSM 421 Week 1 Quiz (Questions and Answers)hsm 421 week 1

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