HCA 817 Module 7 Mentoring and Succession Plan


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HCA 817 Module 7 Mentoring and Succession PlanPreparation for sustainability is critical in the health care industry. For an organization to be sustainable, leaders must think beyond their individual tenure in the organization and strategically develop succession plans to assure the sustainability of the organization, allowing the leader to move on and leave a legacy. To plan meaningfully, leaders must identify high-performers and challenge them to innovate. They must develop under performers to acceptable levels of performance.

Guidelines for mentoring may vary from person to person and organization to organization. Together, though, the deliberate mentoring of both over- and under-achieving performers assures that quality of care is continuously improving. In this assignment, you will propose a research-based succession and mentoring plan. This creates a culture that allows the organization to function well with or without the current leader. It also allows all members to rise together passing along to the next generation gains in quality and safety and making the organization sustainable.

Identify the role of an organizational leader in a heath care setting. hca 817 module 7 This may be your current role or a desired role. Create a research-based succession and mentoring plan (2,000-2,250 words) for the role you have identified. Include the following in your plan:

  1. Provide a  brief overview of the role and setting for the plan. Be sure not to include information that would identify the organization.
  2. Include a description of the succession plan for the cases in which the leader retires, resigns, or is forced to resign. How do the different cases alter the plan, if at all?
  3. A description of the mentoring required for the succession plan described above to be effective. How underperformers brought along and over-performers challenged?
  4. A summary indicating how the plan will foster sustainability of the organization and its strides toward improved quality and safety.
HCA 817 Module 7hca 817 module 7