HCA 817 Professional Development and Leadership in Health Care – Entire Course


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HCA 817 Professional Development and Leadership in Health Care

HCA 817 Module 1 Discussion Question 1: Is leadership important to facilitate change in health care? Why or why not? Is there a valid place for managers in the constantly changing environment of health care? Why or why not?

HCA817 Module 1 Discussion Question 2: Is a transformation leader the best style of leader for every organizational culture? Why or why not? How does a health care organization determine whether a transformational leadership style aligns with its culture?

HCA817 Module 2 Assignment, Leadership Culture

HCA817 Module 2 Discussion Question 1: Leaders must not only be able to foresee potential changes, but they must also be able to secure support for change among followers and manage current operations to assure sustainability of quality and safety. How do health care leaders balance pro-active leadership with the sustainability of quality and safety measures? Does interprofessional collaboration influence this balance? Why or why not?

HCA817 Module 2 Discussion Question 2: Is it reasonable to bring business models such as Lean Six Sigma and others to health care? If so, how might these models best be implemented? If not, why should these models not be applied to health care?

HCA817 Module 3 Assignment, The Management of Quality, Safety, and Individual Performance

HCA-817 Module 3 Discussion Question 1: This age of transparency allows consumers to readily review performance data for health care organizations including a list of awards the organization has earned for outcomes-based performance. Is it ethical for health care organizations to use their outcomes-based performance awards as marketing tools to increase revenue? Why or why not?

HCA-817 Module 3 Discussion Question 2: How does a health care leader determine which quality management model is best for the organization? Why?

HCA817 Module 4 Discussion Question 1: Is it possible for a leader to empower followers while retaining ownership of a project or idea? Why or why not? Do empowerment and ownership promote organizational trust? Why or why not?

HCA817 Module 4 Discussion Question 2: Should professionals such as doctors, nurses, and administrators be included on the governing boards of health care organizations? Why or why not?

HCA817 Module 5 Assignment, Shared Leadership and Continuous Innovation

HCA-817 Module 5 Discussion Question 1: Do leadership culture, innovation, and sustainability connect to quality and safety outcomes? Why or why not? How do these influence each other?

HCA-817 Module 5 Discussion Question 2: Does innovation create a culture of continuous improvement or does culture of continuous improvement drive innovation? Why?

HCA817 Module 6 Discussion Question 1: Does a culture of continuous improvement promote succession planning? If so, how? If not, why not?

HCA 817 Module 6 Discussion Question 2: How does leadership change influence succession planning? Why?

HCA-817 Module 7 Assignment, Mentoring and Succession Plan

HCA817 Module 7 Discussion Question 1: When is the optimal time for a leader to begin mentoring followers? Why?

HCA817 Module 7 Discussion Question 2: Is there value to interprofessional mentoring? If so, what models are most effective? If not, why not?

HCA-817 Module 8 Discussion Question 1: What are the most significant trends in health care administration? Why?

HCA817 Module 8 Discussion Question 2: Consider the ideas presented throughout this course. How will this information influence your personal approach to professional development in a health care organization? Why? How will it influence your potential dissertation research? Explain.hca 817 entire course