HCA 530 Topic 5 Benchmark, Analysis of Health Care Reform Paper 1


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HCA 530 Topic 5 Benchmark Assignment, Analysis of Health Care Reform

“Without any major changes in national health care policy, Americans are likely to remain anxious about the impact of future health care costs on their ability to buy health care,” (Blendon et al. 2006). In general, people tie cost and quality together. We as people believe the more the price is, the better the quality will be. Many practices charge high fees for service based on this equation. When many want to receive access to the healthcare system not everyone can afford it.

Healthcare costs are prohibitive especially with all the premiums, deductibles, and much more. Healthcare financing at times covered by private or government insurance to those who qualify. “One in eight families spends greater than 10 percent of its annual income on health care expenses,” (Shearer 1998). Even with public assistance, there are still many who go without healthcare coverage due to the high costs………………Continued (04 Pages with References)

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