HCA 322 Week 5 Final Paper, HIPPA Privacy Rule


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HCA 322 Week 5 Final Paper, HIPPA Privacy Rule (Case Study 1)

For this assignment we have been given the following case study and scenario to reference and base our decision on, regarding a patient’s right to privacy.  As the compliance officer we have been ….of a breach of privacy involving a 15-year-old patient by the employee. This employee violated the patients protected health information.  The 15-year-old patient was ….through the emergency room department to the OB/GYN department after giving birth.  The 15-year-old patient’s mother and aunt both work at the hospital and the patient had not told her family members of the pregnancy. 

One of the nurses who treated this patient went home to discuss with her own teenage daughter. How important it is to come and speak with her regarding anything, especially a pregnancy.  The nurse had accidentally said the patients name while telling her the story. The daughter then went to school and told others………………Continued (11 Pages with References) hca 322 week 5