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HCA 322 Week 5 Final Paper Case Study 1, HIPPA and the Compliance Officer

HCA 322 Week 3 Final Paper, Case Study 2, Legal and Ethical Issues of DNR Orders

HCA_322 Week 5 Final Paper Case Study 3, Institutional Code of Ethics

HCA 322 Week 5 Discussion,Corporate Compliance Presentation,  Moral Right to Health Care (08 Sildes with References)

HCA 322 Week 5 Discussion, Corporate Compliance Presentation, Compliance Officer Ashford Hospital (07 Slides with References)

Imagine that you are a hospital’s compliance officer, and you are …with making a presentation to your hospital’s board of directors regarding the moral right to healthcare. Your presentation should include at least three of the elements …..throughout this course, which could include, but are not limited to: the Code of Ethics, resource allocation, Stark Law, medical malpractice, and cultural competency. For this discussion, begin by creating a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the issue of the moral right to healthcare. Then, utilize the PowerPoint and create a presentation using a screen cast program. Your presentation must utilize at least two scholarly sources. Include your references within the discussion post along with the link to your screen-cast.

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