ECE 203 Week 3 Assignment, Discussion, Journal


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ECE 203 Week 3 Assignment, Assessment Data

Anna has difficulty when it comes to following instructions. When directions are made Anna has to be redirected to making sure she finishes what she is being asked to do. I can help Anna by creating an activity for her where she won’t become distracted easily. For example, musical chairs is an activity that all children enjoy. To win the game, you must count the chairs along with listening to the music. Anna also needs assistance with staying focused. If Anna were given a task that she enjoys doing, I believe she will be able to concentrate on her work regardless of the distractions around her……..

ECE 203 Week 3 Discussion 1, Anecdotal Record Keeping

ECE 203 Week 3 Discussion 2, Developmentally Appropriate Assessment Practices

ECE 203 Week 3 Journal

This course has helped me with a better understating of what it is to have a curriculum. Once you have the grasp of the knowledge of why something is in place including the reason as to why it has to be, then it becomes quite comfortable at the end of turning it into a reality. I must have a teaching in the classroom experience with the career goal that I am pushing toward…..