ECE 203 Week 1 Discussion Question, Journal


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ECE 203 Week 1

ECE 203 Week 1 Discussion 1, Reflection and Decision-Making Matrix

Complete the Reflection & Decision-Making Matrix. Attach your completed matrix to your discussion post by clicking the paperclip icon to add an attachment. Second, based on your completed matrix, create a curriculum philosophy statement. Your philosophy statement must be at least one paragraph, include at least one strategy you can use to effectively educate young children, and be supported by at least one scholarly resource

ECE203 Week 1 Discussion 2, Preparing for Individualism

Discuss one or more strategies you will use to gather information on your students in an effort to get to know them and their families (interest inventory, home visit, etc.). Include the benefits of the strategy and use a specific example of how you plan to implement it in your classroom.

ECE203 Week 1 Journal