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CRJ 311 Week 4

CRJ 311 Week 4 Assignment, Whats Your Impression

This assignment will give you the opportunity to create and evaluate your own impression evidence. As you have read in your textbook, pattern evidence is, for the most part, examined by the naked eye. Select one of the following learning activities on which to base this assignment.

  1. Create two impression patterns of your choice. This can include an imprint and/or indentation pattern. Take photos of the impressions you have created. For example, this can be foot impressions, tire impressions, or fingerprints left in mud, soil, or snow. Document the creation of your pattern evidence, what type of individualized pattern you have created, and how you would collect and preserve this evidence. What information can be …..from this type of evidence? Include your photos with your Word document.

Review the photos of impression evidence (below), and discuss what type of individualized pattern you see and how you would collect and preserve this evidence. What information can be ….from this type of evidence?

CRJ 311 Week 4 Discussion 1, Bite Mark Evidence

Bite marks are no longer consider a way to specifically identify someone, but it can be ….to exclude or include a person of interest. As a juror on a homicide case, you have heard an odonotologist discuss the bite mark evidence located on the victim and how the suspect cannot be excluded as to whom the bite mark belongs. Review the bite mark photo (below).

CRJ311 Week 4 Discussion 2, Fingerprint Evidence

Thanks to Hollywood, firearms and the forensic information associate with them has been portrayed as the key piece of evidence in many “case.” Fingerprinting is oftentimes overshadowed. Your goal is to argue the importance of fingerprinting in our cases. Discuss three specific points why fingerprint evidence is crucial to our investigation.

CRJ311 Week 4 Journal, Do You Have What It Takes?

This week, you are to reflect on what you believe are the personal traits of a forensic scientists and if you have the same traits. What might you have to overcome in your personal make up. To meet those requirements as you consider a career in the forensic science field?

CRJ311 Week 4 Quiz (Question and Answers)