CRJ 311 Week 3 Assignment, Discussion, Journal, Quiz


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CRJ 311 Week 3

CRJ 311 Week 3 Assignment, Preliminary Field and Laboratory Testing

CRJ311 Week 3 Discussion 2, Arson Dogs

Arson dogs are useful tools for finding accelerants in locations where human investigators cannot. Some believe that arson dogs and their indication of possible accelerant residue should not be ….as evidence in court. Do you think arson dogs come up with better results than a chemical sniffer? Why or why not? Provide evidence to support your opinion.

CRJ311 Week 3 Journal, Professional Painter

Oftentimes, paint and fiber evidence is overshadowed by the more glamorous DNA evidence in cases today. Paint and fiber evidence is sometimes … being mediocre evidence, at best, by jurors. With your newfound knowledge of how important this type of evidence can be in criminal cases, take a moment to reflect on how your opinion of this evidence might have changed.

CRJ_311 Week 3 Quiz (Question and Answers)