COMM 400 Week 4 Individual Assignment, Communication Journal


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COMM 400 Week 4 Assignment, Communication Channel and Contex Matrices

Part I – Communication Channel Matrix

Fill in descriptions of the characteristics and examples, pros, cons, and recommended etiquette of each communication channel.

Part II – Communication Context Matrix

Recommend and provide justification for the appropriate communication channel you would use in the following contexts. In your 3- to 5-sentence justification, explain whether the channels may vary according to company size or culture.

COMM 400 Week 4 Communication Journal Entry 3, Medium Versus Message

In this essay I will discuss computer-mediated communication trends in the workplace. The workplace has transformed sense the birth of the internet and technology. It has made communication and the travel of communication easier.  Computerized communication has changed the face of the workplace. There are many technology tools being used allow immediate access to employees, vendors, business associates and customer. We will examine three computer-mediated communication trends…………Continued (05 Pages with References)