COMM 400 Week 1 Individual Assignment, Journal Entry-Complete


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COMM 400 Week 1 Communication Journal Entry 1, Organizational Communication Information Flow

Communication can be as important as anything in a business, without good communication a company will completely fall apart in short period of time. With my company communication is extremely important, not only within the company but as well with the customers we serve. We each play a role in the way my company communicated with one another…………Continued

COMM 400 Week 1 Individual Assignment, Personal Communication Evaluation and Analysis

In today’s world of technology, communication is essential. The purpose of communication is to give and receive information clearly to be understood by the individuals involved. To communicate information, there must be a receiver and sender of the information. This information can be in the form of verbal communication, …..or digitize with the way of text message, emails or voice mail. As in anything communication can be misconstrued and miscommunication is standard issue for most people. The best option to receive excellent communication is the use of the direct approach. ………..Continued (04 Pages with References)