BUS 697 Week 4 Assignment, Altex Corporation


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BUS 697 Week 4 Assignment, Altex Corporation

Altex Corporation was relieved to know that it had just been awarded the R&D phase of the Advanced Tactical Missile Program (ATMP). The arrangements of the contract made clear that Altex had to present to the military, within 60 days after contract award, an official project framework for the two-year ATMP effort. Contracts at that time did not required that a risk management plan be ….. The meet up between the project supervisor and the sponsor particularized that the sponsor was of the view that if they have………..

BUS 697 Week 4 Discussion 1, Triple Constraint and Lessons Learned

The triple constraint in Project Management is known to be time, cost and scope.  The ability to manage these three items very often leads to project success.  Identify two success factors from Chapter 11; then compare them with two components of failure from the same chapter.  Provide an example of a project you led or were a team member where one or more of these factors came into play.

BUS 697 Week 4 Discussion 2, Lessons Learned Analysis

One key concept in project management is to learn from previous projects.  The Lessons Learned review allows an organization to collect and document the results of both successful and failed projects.  Give an overview of a project you were …..with as a leader or team member.  Choose three of the project areas listed below. Answer one question from each group of questions found in Chapter 12 of your text.bus 697 week 4