BUS 697 Week 6 Final Paper, Discussion 1 and 2


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BUS 697 Week 6 Final Paper: Various companies launch initiatives with bizarre objectives which can be very hard to achieve. In these types of scenarios, it’s easy to determine which task goals, price variance, and time schedule is misaligned which actually makes the accomplishment of that objective impossible. Such managers who are task oriented easily identify that what aspects are causing problem in attainment of objective. A fresh task innovator strives to determine if there time frame is realistic; he or she strongly complement the specific price range in order to arrange needs and other resources. While tools can feasibly help different conclusion factors, they are definitely not enough to operate the specific task properly. Having success is a virtue of having the right individuals and procedures in place………….

BUS 697 Week 6 Discussion 1, Best Practices

List three processes in your organization that are …..“best practices. Describe how they meet the critical questions from Chapter 15 in the text.  If your organization does not have a best practice, use the knowledge gained from the case studies and article reviews in class to describe your idea of a best practice.

BUS 697 Week 6 Discussion 2, Knowledge Transfer

Compare how knowledge transfer for project management happens in your organization with the model shown in figure 15-4 of the text.  Where can your organization make improvements to ensure knowledge transfer is a critical success area in the future?  Where is your organization excelling?bus 697 week 6