BUS 499 Module 4 Case Assignment, SLP , Discussion


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BUS 499 Module 4 Case Assignment, Strategy Mapping

For good strategies, Focus should be on analyzing external and internal environment and for formulating and implementing the goals of the organization. It involves research on the business environment, operations of the organization and formulation of strategy. Strategy maps focus on the few things that will make the biggest difference to the organization. Strategy analysis starts from the point of the strategic management process, where it consists of the “advance work” with effectively formulates and implements strategies. The cause and effect relationship are one of the few objectives contained in these maps. While developing a Strategy map, just you need to ask the right questions about what drives performance in the right order………..

BUS 499 Module 4 SLP Assignment, Harley Davidson Internal Business Processes

When more products and services are developed by the company the consumers will have a larger array of products and services to choose from. This will allow the consumers to choose the products that they would be more interesting and necessary for them to purchase. Thus the company will have more products to sell and the company will grow over the years having more product lines which will help in the long run to increase the revenues annually. This will also allow the employees of the company to learn more from the experience of producing more products and capturing a larger share of the market.

BUS 499 Module 4 Discussion: Learning and Growth Perspective

The home page of this module identifies several measures of the learning and growth perspective, such as:

  • Real-time availability of accurate customer and internal process information to front-line employees
  • Ability to launch new products
  • Ability to create more value for customers
  • Ability to penetrate new markets
  • Alignment of employee incentives with overall organizational success factors
  • Rates of improvement in critical customer-based and internal processes
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