BUS 499 Module 1 Case Assignment, SLP, Discussion


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BUS 499 Module 1 Case Assignment, Cattaraugus County Rehabilitation Center

The Cattaraugus County Rehabilitation Center germinated in 1958 with somewhat lofty beginnings and from that time till now has grown up into a large service provider for the disabled. Now it was decided almost after five long decades that the center should try to modify its basic pattern in order to work in a better way within an outline which is more modern than the present one. The process to implement what they want should always be in accordance with the present world scenario although the mission, vision and the central values have not been altered. The change in the paradigm has become a basic concern as the organization advanced to a multi-level service provider for the disabled from being merely a tiny group of concerned parents.

BUS 499 Module 1 SLP Assignment, Balance Scorecard- Harley Davidson

The mission of Harley Davidson is to find customers for life and its vision is to fulfill the dreams of freedom personally. The ‘Customers for Life’ mission is between the consumer and the company as well as the quality of the product which is based with an emotional commitment (Harley Davidson, 2014). The company due to the corporate culture has led itself to versification as well as seeking a restructuring. In the last quarter of 2013 the restructuring has cost 0.6 million and the company is expecting the restructuring of 2009 will continue its activities through the next year.

BUS 499 Module 1 Discussion

The material in this module tells us that many companies place disproportionate emphasis on the financial perspective at the expense of the other three perspectives. Give an example of an organization with which you are familiar from previous coursework, the news, or personal experience where this has been the case. What were the results of this focus on the financial perspective on customers and other stakeholders? Be as specific as you can and give concrete examples.