BUS 401 Week 5, Evaluation of Corporate Performance (Regions Bank)


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BUS 401 Week 5 Final Paper, Evaluation of Corporate Performance

I chose to write my final paper on Regions bank. I had the option to go with a locally owned bank or a franchise bank when deciding where my husband and I wanted to bank at. We decided to go with the local bank, however Regions was right up there with our choices. I am going to share a little history with you behind Regions banking and how it got ….and when. Regions bank was …..in Delaware in 2004. Regions Financial Corporation completed its merger with Union Planters Corporation in July 2004. In November 2006, they merged with AmSouth Bancorporation headquartered in Birmingham, AL. There were several other mergers between 2006-2012, in 2012 the company sold all issued and outstanding shares of stock of its subsidiaries, Morgan Keegan & Company, Inc. and MK Holding, Inc. to Raymond James Financial, Inc. for approximately $1,200,000,000. (Ernst & Young, n.d.). Since then it seems to me like Regions has continued to grow and excel in the business industry.

The complete and thorough financial statement review that I found was through mergent online when doing my research. Financial statements include balance sheets, cash flow statements, and income statements………….Continued ( 06 Pages with References)

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