BIOS 252 Final Exam Essay Question and Answers


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BIOS 252 Final Exam – Essay Questions and Answers

  1. Define spinal reflex and use an example from the body to illustrate a spinal reflex.(Page 446)
  2. Describe sleep and its major stages and then contrast sleep to coma – how are they similar and how do they differ.(Page 570)
  3. Explain language usage and comprehension including a description of the two major language areas of the brain, where they are located and what they are specialized to accomplish, including what happens when damage occurs to either area.
  4. Compare and contrast the cochlea and the vestibular apparatus, discussing their anatomical and physiological differences.
  5. Explain the process of light reflecting off an object will pass through the eye. Include all relevant structures and indicate how the photon is transduced into an electrochemical signal in the brain. Include the major regions involved in visual transduction.
  6. Explain the control of estrogen and progesterone through the endocrine system.
  7. Explain the process of calcium regulation in the body using the concepts of homeostasis and negative feedback
  8. How is sugar … the body (both up and down regulation of the molecule in the blood stream)
  9. Discriminate between paracrine, autocrine, endocrine and exocrine secretions
  10. Describe each endocrine gland and describe the hormone(s) it secretes, the function(s) of the hormone(s) and how the endocrine gland is ……
  11. Draw a sarcomere and describe the role of all major proteins that were discuss class.
  12. List all cranial nerves including their makeup (mixed, efferent, afferent), effector/sensory targets and major consequences of damage to these nerves.(Page 508)
  13. Describe sensation and signal transduction for each of the special senses bios 252 final exam
  14. Describe the different kinds of diabetes and how they interact with/are dependent on the endocrine system(Page 663)