BIAM 510 Week 8 Final Project, Signature Assignment


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BIAM 510 Week 8 Final Project

Methods Section (70 points) TCOs E, F, G, and H

Decision Trees (10 points)

Discuss in your own words how decision trees work.
What are the strengths of a decision tree approach?
What are the weaknesses?
When should they be used?

Survival Analysis (20 points)

Discuss the role hazards play in survival analysis.
Describe how survival analysis would be used when trying to identify the behavior of multiple groups of customers.
Discuss the role of censoring in survival analysis.
Provide specific examples of how survival analysis might be used to derive customer value.

Market Basket Analysis (20 points)

Describe the insights a market basket analysis might provide an organization

Define the four measures of association rules and provide examples of each.

What are the three types of rules, and how might they occur?

Text Analytics (20 points)

Compare and contrast the two major approaches to text analytics: bag of words and natural language processing.

Describe the steps in a corpus.

How is a term document matrix use?

Analysis Section (90 points) TCOs C and D

Select an iLab from one of the following weeks: 4, 5, 6, or 7. 

Describe what you consider to be the strengths of the analysis approach you ….in this iLab.

Describe what you consider to be the weaknesses of the analysis approach you ….in this iLab.

Develop a set of recommendations of what might be done to improve the analysis you did in this iLab. You should have at least three recommendations.

Demonstrate how you would implement as many of your recommendations as you are able by redoing some of your analysis from the iLab and/or performing additional analysis. (70 points)

Be sure and point out which recommendations you are implementing as they occur in your work.  
Use screen shots to show your work. biam 510 week 8
Note that this should not be a complete redo of the iLab from start to finish but rather repeating selected parts with modifications and/or adding some new elements.
Conclude this section with a statement of how long it took you to complete the entire final.