BIAM 500 Week 5 Lab and Discussion Questions


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BIAM 500 Week 5 Lab, Star Schema
Step 1: Create Simplified Star Schema in Student Data Warehouse
Step 2: View Data from Related Tables in the Data Warehouse
Step 3: Create and Deploy a Data Cube
Step 4: Browse the Cube
Step 4(d): Browse the Cube (d: on your own)
Write Opinion Paper and Submit
BIAM 500 Week 5 Big Data Analytics
Read the end-of-chapter application case “Discovery Health Turns Big Data into Better Healthcare” at the end of Chapter 13 in the textbook, and answer the following questions.
  1. How big is big data for Discovery Health?
  2. What-big data sources did Discovery Health use for their analytic solutions?
  3. What were the main data/analytics challenges Discovery Health was facing?
  4. What-were the main solutions they have produced?
  5. What were the initial results/benefits, and what additional benefits do you think Discovery Health may realize from big data analytics in the future?biam 500 week 5