BIAM 500 Lab Answers All from Week 1 to 6


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BIAM 500 Lab Week 1

Learning Outcome Step 1: Importing, Cleaning, and Converting Data

Learning-Outcome Step 2: Table Analysis

Learning Outcome Step 3: Pivot Tables

Learning-Outcome Step 4: /What If Analysis

Learning Outcome Step 5: Opinion Paper

BIAM 500 Lab Week 2

Learning Outcome Step 1: Creation of Formulas with Constraints

Learning-Outcome Step 2: Use Solver to find an optimal solution

Learning Outcome Step 3: Perform Sensitivity Analysis

Learning-Outcome Step 4: Create Monte Carlo Simulation

Learning Outcome Step 5: Opinion Paper

BIAM 500 Lab Week 3

Learning Outcome Step 1: Analysis of Simple Six-vertex Network

Learning-Outcome Step 2: Capture and Analyze Twitter Feed

Learning Outcome Step 3: Opinion Paper

BIAM 500 Lab Week 4

Create Dashboard with Summary of Key Metrics

Create Additional KPI Displays

Finalize Workbook

Write Opinion Paper and Submit

BIAM 500 Lab Week 5, Star Schema

Learning Outcome Step 1: Create Simplified Star Schema in Student Data Warehouse

Learning-Outcome Step 2: View Data from Related Tables in the Data Warehouse

Learning Outcome Step 3: Create and Deploy a Data Cube

Learning-Outcome Step 4: Browse the Cube

Learning Outcome Step 4(d): Browse the Cube (d: on your own)

Learning-Outcome Write Opinion Paper and Submit

BIAM 500 iLab Week 6

Step 1: Load and Prepare Data

Step 2: Define the Training/Testing and Prediction Data Sets

Step 3: Train and Test Neural Network

Step 4: Predict Classifications for New Customers

Step 5: Write Opinion Paper and Submitbiam 500 lab