AMP 492 Topic 4, Analysis of an Organization Vision (IKEA)


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AMP 492 Topic 4 Assignment:, Analysis of an Organization Vision

There are many companies that have strong and inspiring visions statements. One of those companies is IKEA. IKEA is a part of the retail industry. This is vastly different from my field working as a sonographer in health care. This paper will discuss IKEA and their vision statement, what makes the vision statement meaningful, the appeal of the vision statement to stakeholders, its pressures for organizational change, and compare the vision statement to another in the health care field.

IKEA is a retail company that specializes in home goods. They sell items ranging from lamps and rugs to bathroom and kitchen remodels. IKEA was ……by Ingvar Kamprad from Sweden when he was 17 in 1943. Ingvar began his sales making individual sales calls. In 1958 he had far outgrown his ability to make all the individual calls and the first IKEA was opened in Sweden and by 1959 IKEA had hired it’s 100th employee……………..Continued (06 Pages with References)

amp 492 topic 4amp 492 topic 4