AMP 492 Discussion Question with Answers Topic 1 to 8


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AMP 492 Topic 1 Discussion 1

Analyze the six images of managing change presented in your text. Identify the key elements each of the six images proposes for change management. Discuss why these traits are significant to managing change successfully.

AMP492 Topic 1 Discussion 2

Discuss the concept of “image.” How does image affect one’s interpretation of an organization? How does it affect how one approaches organizational issues? How does image affect function and outcomes in an organization?

AMP492 Topic 2 Discussion 1

Compare and contrast the concepts of environmental and organizational pressure. How do these pressures affect an organization?

AMP 492 Topic 2 Discussion 2

Identify a contemporary organization that is currently dealing with an organizational or environmental pressure that has the potential to be disruptive to the organization. Describe the organization and the pressure it currently faces. Provide two potential actions the organization can take in order to respond to the pressure, and describe the potential consequences of each response.

AMP 492 Topic 3 Discussion 1

Discuss the purpose of using a diagnostic instrument/model to help manage change. Describe the key aspects that an instrument/model should effectively identify or outline in order to facilitate change.

AMP492 Topic 3 Discussion 2

Compare and contrast two different diagnostic tools presented in the textbook that you believe would work well to manage change in your industry or organization. Why are these the best tools for your industry or organization?

AMP492 Topic 4 Discussion 1

Describe the difference between a vision statement and a mission statement. What is the purpose of each statement? Provide an example of a strong vision and mission statement used by an organization today. What qualities do these have that make them strong statements?

AMP 492 Topic 4 Discussion 2

Describe the attributes that make a vision meaningful to stakeholders. Discuss why a vision may need to change.

AMP 492 Topic 5 Discussion 1

Discuss the reasons why stakeholders resist the implementation of change. What are some of the signs indicating that there is a resistance to change within an organization?

AMP492 Topic 5 Discussion 2

Discuss three different approaches that managers can use to address or minimize resistance to the implementation of change. What determines the approach an effective manager uses with stakeholders? What approaches would be best received by stakeholders in your industry or organization?

AMP492 Topic 6 Discussion 1

Research current change models used by organizations to facilitate change. Compare and contrast two models. Describe the overall approach and goal of each model. What are the similarities and differences?

AMP 492 Topic 6 Discussion 2

Identify a change model that would effectively help implement change in your industry or organization. Outline the strategy you would implement.

AMP 492 Topic 7 Discussion 1

Discuss the importance of communication during organizational change. Describe two effective communication strategies for communicating change that are relevant to internal and external stakeholders.

AMP492 Topic 7 Discussion 2

Describe the four skills involved in effective communication described in the textbook. Discuss which skill you need to better develop, and how you will develop this skill to improve as a professional in your field.

AMP492 Topic 8 Discussion 1

Discuss the difference between the appearance of change and change that has been adopted into the organization’s culture. Describe the signs of sustainable change. What methods help sustain change

AMP 492 Topic 8 Discussion 2

Discuss some of the unpredictable challenges that can occur when change is implemented. How can these affect sustainability? How can a manager prepare for these outcomes?amp 492 discussion question