ADM 626 Discussion Question with Answers Week 5, 6 and 8


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ADM 626 Discussion Question with Answers Week 5, 6 and 8

Week 5 Discussion Question 1

Discuss why financial managers in organizations need to know the full cost of producing goods and/or providing services.

Week 5 Discussion Question 2

Find a specific example of when a sensitivity analysis might be used. Explain why it is needed in this situation.

Week 6 Discussion Question 1

Why is “being liquid” so important?

Week 6 Discussion Question 2

Recommend strategies a municipality might use if they run out of cash. Explain why those strategies would be best for the organization.

Week 8 Discussion Question 1

You are the budget director of a small school district that has a budget of $10 million and serves 2,500 children in six schools: three elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. The school district receives its budget from the state, and state officials have told you that the state is running a deficit and the school budget is being cut by

$250,000. The state provides the revenue; however, the school district does have a partnership with a foundation that provides funding for innovative and supportive programs. What part of the budget would you first examine? Why? After that examination, what would you cut? Why?

Week 8 Discussion Question 2

Using the same scenario from DQ1, the budget director must present alternatives to the district superintendent for consideration. Describe the alternatives you would recommend so the superintendent and/or board have choices.