ADM 626 Discussion Questions with Answers Week 1 to 4


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ADM 626 Discussion Questions with Answers Week 1 to 4

Week 1 Discussion Question 1

The budget is arguably the most important policy decision elected officials make. Why?

Week 1 Discussion Question 2

The textbook says, “Budgeting is not a scientific activity” and is instead a craft. Why?

Week 2 Discussion Question 1

Explain how fixed cost differ from a variable cost. Use specific examples to solidify your point of view.

Week 2 Discussion Question 2

Discuss why most fixed costs sooner or later become variable.

Week 3 Discussion Question 1

Explain why the concept of the time value of money is important to long-term project decisions?

Week 3 Discussion Question 2

Give examples of annuities from your own experience.

Week 4 Discussion Question 1

Define breakeven analysis in your own words. When would you most likely use breakeven analysis? Why?

Week 4 Discussion Question 2

The base budget is the amount of money that is funded for a current year. Explain why that amount may not be correct for future years.