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UNV 503 Week 3 Assignment Annotated Bibliography

 Select three of the 10 references from your Reference List assignment. Create an annotated bibliography that is 250-300 words for each of the three references.

The annotated bibliography includes three paraphrased paragraphs for each reference. Each annotation must have 250-300 words, making a total of 750-900 words for the entire assignment. Each annotation should have the following elements:

APA style reference of the article being annotated

A paraphrased summary of the article (See note on paraphrasing below.)

An assessment of why it is a scholarly reference

A reflection on how it is applicable to your research

Follow these steps for all three references you chose.

Note on Paraphrasing: Paraphrasing the ideas of others is a requirement in academic writing and graduate study. Paraphrasing is using your own words to restate ideas or information from a source material. As you write each annotation use the following paraphrasing guidelines.
There are three main steps to paraphrasing:
Identify the original idea(s) in the article
Identify general points regarding the idea(s)

Summarize the general points of the article in your own words (a Paraphras

UNV 503 Week 3 Assignment Turnitin Questions

 Complete the Turnitin worksheet.

UNV 503 Week 3 Discussion 1 Graduate-Level Research

 How is conducting graduate-level research different from research you did in your undergraduate program? Provide specific examples.

UNV 503 Week 3 Discussion 2 Evaluate Sources For Credibility, Reliability, And Bias

 Why is it important to evaluate sources for credibility, reliability, and bias? What are possible consequences for not evaluating sources for these items?unv 503 week 3