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UNV 104 Week 7 CLC Assignment, Collaboration in the Professional World

Review the CLC Handout (attached) for a better understanding of the purpose of this assignment, as well as the expectations and responsibilities that you need to adhere to as a GCU student.

  1. Your instructor will assign you to a CLC group. Each group is identified by a different color within the Loud Cloud classroom.
  2. Locate your CLC forum.
  3. Post a message in the CLC forum including the following information:
  • Your Name
  • Your intended program of study.
  1. Decide amongst your group who will submit your CLC assignment as the leader of the group.
  2. Each member of the team will read one article from the list found in the topic materials for this week.
  3. In the group forum, each team member will provide a summary of the article.
  4. As a group, come up with five “best practices” for group work based on your discussion and what you learned in your article. Provide a justification for the best practice.

UNV 104 Week 7 Self-Reflection Essay

Write a 500-750-word self-reflection essay on the importance of verbal and nonverbal communication in your field of study. Explain how you can apply the knowledge learned in this course towards effective communication. Identify areas of strengths you feel you will bring to your field of study in regards to communication. Identify areas of opportunity and improvements. You may use First Person point of view in the writing, as it is a personal reflection.

UNV 104 Week 7 Topic 7 Discussion 1

Choose one of the required or optional readings assigned this week; discuss the importance of effective communication. Support your response through the integration of paraphrased information from at least one of the required or optional readings assigned this week.

 UNV 104 Week 7 Topic 7 Discussion 2

In using the GCU Online Library, please research an article within your program of study (POS) or career field that is current (within the last 5 years). Provide a brief summary of the article, and discuss why this article appealed to you and how it is relevant to your POS or career field. If there were any questions that arose from the reading, please include them as well.unv 104 week 7