STR 581 Week 2 Strategic Plan Part 1, Environmental Scan – Complete


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STR 581 Week 2 Strategic Plan Part 1 – Environmental Scan – Apple

When making sound strategic decisions it is critical for a company to perceive aspects of their domain that are potential impacts on the environment of the organization. With the sole purpose of gaining a competitive advantage, companies will have their key decision makers in their organization disseminate the information that is collected from internal and external environments during an environmental scan. Environmental scanning … study and interpret the collected data and recognize the outside circumstances and dangers that exist for corporations……………Continued (07 Pages with References)

STR 581 Week 2 Strategic Plan Part 1 – Environmental Scan – Plantronic

This paper will consider a company called Plantronics. We will analysis the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for Plantronics. I will offer suggestions such as how Plantronics can create more value and sustain competitive advantage. We will look at Plantronics external environment. Last, we will evaluate the company industry operating environment.  Plantronics has been in business for about 55 years. There headsets ….during the first ever moonwalk. Plantronics ………….(Continued (06 Pages with References)str 581 week 2