SOCS 325 Week 2 Article Summary, Making Markets Work


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SOCS 325 Week 2 Article SummaryThis chapter in the book Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution, illustrates how to harness market principle for both short-term and long-term gain.  By harnessing some of the least attractive qualities of man, like greed and envy. These markets have become very effective at driving the economy (Hawken, 2010).  Also because of these human qualities, ceaseless vigilance … prevent the market from …..subverted. They have turned into a tool for runaway growth that harm the market.  A critical task is ……by our market system and it purpose to “allocate scarce resources efficiently over the short-term” (Hawken, 2010).  For all of the good that markets can bring, they are not perfect and they cannot do everything.………………continuedsocs 325 week 2 article summary