SOC 480 Topic 8 Benchmark, Final Research Proposal, Discussion


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SOC 480 Topic 8 Benchmark Research Proposal Final Paper

Now that you have completed each part of the assignment, you are ready to use the “Research Paper Outline” to organize your findings into a research paper (2,000-2,500 words).

Use the revised portions of each assignment you have completed in this course to assist you in completing this final draft of the paper.

SOC 480 Topic 8 Discussion Question 1

Part of the process of doing research is adding to the body of literature through publication. Sharing research through public professional presentations, or using the media. If you were to disseminate your research.

What specific sources would you target (choose at least one professional journal, one upcoming local or national professional conference, and one media source)? Identify and comment on the requirements for the submission of each source.

SOC480 Topic 8 Discussion Question 2

How could your research contribute to Social Change? After completing your research plan. Was there any step/choice you would change along the way and why? How do you think the change might affect your research?