SOC 480 Topic 4 Prospectus Worksheet, Discussion – Complete


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SOC 480 Topic 4 Prospectus Worksheet
The final Research Proposal assignment for this course contains multiple parts that are due at different intervals in the course, with the final assignment due in Topic 8. Access and read the “Research Proposal Assignment Criteria” to understand each section of the assignment. Research questions and hypotheses help to inform research by identifying concepts of interest, targeting specific populations, and framing projects. You will need to develop a research question and hypothesis to inform the research you will be conducting for your final project in this course. This assignment will assist you in learning this skill.

SOC 480 Topic 4 Discussion Question 1
After reading “Prepared for Practice? Graduating Social Work Students’ Reflections on Their Education, Competence and Skills,” what is meant by theory in sociology and social work? What are the purposes of theory in social sciences? For your social problem analysis, what theories are you using to guide your research and why?

SOC 480 Topic 4 Discussion Question 2
After reading about research methods, explain what part of the research analysis proves most challenging for you. Why? Select an article from the assigned readings and suggest the theory-based research question the research used. Did the research answer the question?