SOC 313 Week 2 Biopsychosocial Paradigm, PIE, and Bronfenbrenner’s


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SOC 313 Week 2 Assignment, Biopsychosocial Paradigm, PIE, and Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Theory Presentation

Prior to completing this assignment, read Chapter 1 in the text, the articles listed, and review any relevant Instructor Guidance. You have been asked to speak to an audience on the importance of the social factors affecting one’s experience of life. For this presentation, create an interesting and educational PowerPoint presentation, which contains a critical narrative that integrates aspects of the various theories with your individual sociocultural experiences.

To begin, create a PowerPoint presentation of four to five slides (excluding title and reference slides). Please see the following instructions for creating your content.

Choose one of the following theories as your main focus and the lens through which you will compare the other two: the biopsychosocial paradigm, person in environment (PIE) perspective, and Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory.

Research each theory fully so that you can effectively synthesize information relevant to these topics.
  • Provide an initial slide with a summary description of the theory you chose as your main focus. How does this theory show that your environment impacts your life? Please do not include anything you are uncomfortable sharing with your instructor.
  • Provide secondary slides with summary descriptions of the other two theories. Be sure to compare each theory to the main theory used in your initial slide.
  • Incorporate appropriate images, tables, graphs, or other visuals as necessary. Please observe these general guidelines for your visual presentation. This link contains tips for creating effective slide presentations.
  • Slides should be sequenced and organized clearly.
  • Slides-should show a clear and logical progression of ideas.
  • Slides should include bullet points or short sentences, not dense paragraphs.
  • Slides-should include relevant visuals such as images, graphs, tables, data summaries, sound and/or animation that enhance understanding of concepts, ideas, and relationships.
  • Slides should include appropriately formatted APA citations for all information taken from your resources.
  • The presentation as a whole should include a consistent theme, format, and font to a ssist with readability.
soc 313 week 2 presentation soc 313 week 2 presentation