SOC 313 Week 1 Discussion Questions 1 and 2, Quiz – Complete


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SOC 313 Week 1 Discussion 1, Ability, Disability and Chronic Conditions (Diabetes)

SOC 313 Week 1 Discussion 1, Ability, Disability and Chronic Conditions (Cancer)

Read the Schneiderman (2004) article, “Psychosocial, Behavioral, and Biological  Aspects of Chronic Diseases,” and  review any relevant Instructor Guidance.

In 200-250 words, analyze the basic issues of human biology as they relate to chronic conditions. Describe the  interaction between disability, disease, and behavior. Examine and discuss the impact of biological health or  illness on social, psychological, and physical problems from the micro, mezzo, and macro perspectives. Choose a  chronic condition from those provided in your text. Consider how you might feel, think, and behave differently  if the condition were affecting you versus if the condition were affecting a stranger. How might you think  differently about this chronic condition if it  were affecting someone close to you, your neighbor, or someone in  your community? Please include at least two supporting scholarly resources.

SOC 313 Week 1 Discussion 2, Cancer  (Evan)
SOC 313 Week 1 Discussion 2, Cancer (Ella)

Prior to completing this discussion, read Chapter 9 in the textbook. The “Introduction to the Miller Family” document, and review any relevant Instructor Guidance.

Our stage of life, intellectual/cognitive abilities, and sociocultural position in life, affect our perspectives and resultant behaviors about a number of conditions including cancer. Consider the information provided in the “Introduction to the Miller Family” document. Both Ella and Elías have been iagnosed with cancer. Ella has been fighting cancer with complementary and alternative methods with some success for many years. Elías, her grandson, is 10 years old and has recently been diagnosed with leukemia but has not yet begun treatment. Putting yourself in either Ella or Elías’s place, what might your perspective on your cancer be? Integrate how the stage of life, cognitive abilities, and sociocultural position of your chosen person impacts her/his perspective on his/her individual disease.

SOC 313 Week 1 Quiz, Ability or Disability, Chronic Illness and Cancer Terminology (10 Questions and Answers)soc 313 week 1