SOC 220 Week 7 Assignment, Discussion Question 1 and 2


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SOC 220 Week 7 Benchmark Assignment, Social Analytics Framework – Urbanization Essay

SOC 220 Week 7 Discussion 1

Based on your reading of Scott Campbell’s classic paper, “Green Cities, Growing Cities, Just Cities,” describe the three main goals city planners must consider to support a sustainable city. Do you think conflicting interests can be reconciled, and if so, how? How do these problems compare with problems occurring in other urban areas, both nationally and internationally? How does the impact of urban development extend to rural communities? Are their benefits to the expansion? Why or why not?

SOC 220 Week 7 Discussion 2

What is one type of collective violence? How extensive and widespread is this type of violence? What historical and contemporary factors contribute to this type of violence? What are some of the consequences of war and terrorism socially? How has our current involvement in war affected individuals on a micro level? soc 220 week 7